Hotfix 1.4.2 is Live!

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Hotfix 1.4.2 is now live and addresses a few issues we’ve found in the game following the 1.4.0 patch.


  • The high-level reward gear, the Tief Tauch, and Camaron reels have been updated to perform to the desired specifications.

  • We've updated the Diamond fish spawn rate in the Spain Reserve to be more in line with GRR and Norway.

    • Dev Team’s Note: We've made a few minor changes to make Diamonds slightly easier to find.


  • A number of stability issues related to fast traveling in Spain on PlayStation 4 have been addressed.

  • We've improved the game's stability on PlayStation 4 while exploring the area near Atajo del Rey Hugo, east of the Aguas Claras outpost.


  • We’ve fixed an issue with certain assets not loading properly after using the fast travel option in Spain.

    • Dev Team’s Note: Fast traveling across Spain could cause random assets such as watch towers, characters, or vegetation to fail to load in some instances. This problem has now been fixed which should also resolve some stability-related issues.


  • Players will now be correctly rewarded with XP for picking up collectible items in Spain.


  • The News Feed got a refresh to feature the latest content added to the game.

Learn more about Aguas Claras. Read the developer diary here.

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