Destination: Spain - New Reserve Arriving October 31

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Destination: Spain

Pack your fishing gear because everyone here at Expansive Worlds is excited to invite you to Call of the Wild: The Angler’s next reserve – Spain.

Read on below to learn more!

New Reserve DLC Arriving October 31

Located in Andalusia, Spain, Aguas Claras is packed to the brim with opportunities for angling, exploration, and discovery. This brand-new fishing destination comes with new missions and challenges, fish, mountainous vistas, and mysterious subterranean delights.

Call of the Wild: The Angler’s third Reserve is coming to Console and PC on October 31, and is available to wishlist now on Steam.

A Picturesque Angler's Getaway

Whether you’re keen to test your skill and gear against the Andalusian Barbel, the Mirror Carp, or the European Eel, anglers of all levels will find the challenge they’re looking for. With 16 distinct species – 11 unique to this DLC – there’s always something to catch.

We hope you’ll enjoy this new and breathtaking location as much as we do!

Community Events & Activities

Turn on Those Stream Alerts, Because...

Celebrate the release of Spain and Halloween with us in one two-hour Expansive Worlds stream special!

Join us this coming Tuesday, October 31 from 1800 CET / 1300 EDT, for a The Angler/theHunter double feature, filled with spooky delights, FAQ, and fun banter. Catch us on Twitch and YouTube – you won’t want to miss it!

Join the Angling Community

Make a splash in our official Discord community. Stay up to date with all things The Angler, participate in weekly competitions, and celebrate your most impressive catches with us! You’ll even find helpful resources whether you’re a veteran or a novice. Just remember to read the #faq and pick your #roles before diving in!

Fish or Dare!? Or Both?

Are you looking for fun ways to engage with your fans and get rewards to share with your community? We’ve teamed up with our friends at Dare Drop once again to create a fun campaign filled with activities. More information about when this Dare Drop event kicks off will be revealed soon!

Free Update: Patch 1.4.0

Releasing alongside the upcoming Spain Reserve DLC, Patch 1.4.0 introduces new features and several improvements and fixes.


Here’s a fraction of what will be arriving with the free update:

  • Trophy Shot: A new Reward Screen feature that will allow you to find a solid frame for your snapshot.

  • 4X4 Tune-up: Just in time for Spain’s steep and hilly topography, you can expect a bit more torque, better power bandings, and more grip to meet the needs of the terrain.

  • Nose Dive: We’ve resolved the common issue involving rods being inescapably pulled downward after hooking a fish.

  • Norway Jose: This achievement will now correctly unlock after finding all the Collectibles in Trollsporet Nature Reserve.

The full release notes will be available on launch!

Loving the game? Let us know via Steam or Xbox review.

Having issues? We’re here to help! Head to our Support Portal to submit a report.

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