Hotfix 1.4.3 is Live!

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Hotfix 1.4.3 is live now and addresses multiple issues affecting the performance on PlayStation 4 following the Spain Reserve release. Read the patch notes below for more information.

In other news, console players can now also claim the Wilderness Cosmetic Pack for free! You'll find more information about this here.


  • A player’s character will no longer get flipped around 180 degrees when landing a catch on a boat after the reward screen.


  • We’ve improved the game’s stability when using fast travel within Aguas Claras Reserve on PlayStation 4.

  • The game will no longer crash when accessing Hidden Caches in the Norway Reserve on PlayStation 4.

  • We’ve improved the game’s stability when traversing through Spain Reserve on PlayStation 4.

  • Learn more about Aguas Claras. Read the developer diary here.

  • Loving the Spain Reserve DLC? Let us know via Steam or Xbox review.

  • Having issues? We’re here to help! Head to our Support Portal to submit a report.

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