Hotfix 1.05 is Live!

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BY Expansive Worlds

Hotfixes 1.05 is live!

This update focuses on fixing a majority of the technical issues players encountered in Golden Ridge Reserve, including remaining crashes, community-reported bugs, and optimization improvements.

Here’s the detailed list of changes:


  • The "Ready to Rod and Roll" Achievement now works as intended and unlocks after assembling one rod instead of three.

  • Fixed the issue which caused the float to rise up out of the water while in the baiting phase of float fishing.

  • Frog and popper lures have an updated buoyancy setup to prevent them from sinking too fast.

  • The animations for reeling speeds are now faster!

  • Fish are now more proactive when chasing the lure.

  • Players’ lines no longer snap so easily.


  • Reserve reputation is now awarded as intended when completing missions.


  • We’ve calmed the waters so that it ripples and flows more naturally.

    • Dev’s Notes: This should ease the suffering of those that experience sea sickness.

  • The case of the missing water under the bridge has been solved and the culprits have been brought to justice.

  • We’ve touched up some water seams and shoreline transitions and corrected some water-type blending issues.

  • We’ve patched up some funky graphical artifacts which were appearing on the Buckwheat rod.

  • The boat will no longer sink in a lake near a specific Floating Weather Station.

    • Dev’s Notes: An artificial gravity well had been discovered and has since been neutralized.


  • Fixed an issue in the Rods customization menu where the UI would soft-lock after a player tried to select a line.

  • The tutorial prompt "Check Your Journal with (J) for Warden Favor Information" no longer stays on-screen after opening the Journal menu.

    • Dev’s Notes: This issue was reopened after still occurring for some players with older save data after Hotfix 1.03. Tests have confirmed that this bug is now officially squashed.

  • Fixed an issue that stopped players from entering the letters W, A, S, or D into Apex Connect account creation text fields.

  • Pressing the ESC key repeatedly no longer soft-locks the Options menu.

  • The Customization menu options no longer disappear when a player attempts to exit the customization menu while altering clothing at a fast pace.

  • Players can now move their Buckwheat Rod and Cria Reel from their inventory to storage.

  • Fixed an issue specific to certain localizations, including Japanese and Simplified Chinese, where the reward screen when catching a Diamond rank fish did not show the correct color highlight or play an audio queue.

  • The appropriate icon is now visible when a player is awarded XP.

Online Features

  • Apex Connect entitlements should now appear in your inventory immediately, instead of after rebooting the game.


  • Most of the truncated and/or overlapping text has been fixed for Simplified Chinese and Japanese.

    • Dev’s Notes: There are still a few strings here and there that need some attention. We’ll keep you in the loop!

  • Some additional formatting issues occurring with Japanese and Simplified Chinese text have also been addressed.

Now that Patch 1.05 is out, we’ll batten down the hatches for a bit and focus on our first major update since launch. It’ll bring more of the player-requested improvements you’ve come to expect from us, but also add new features that should satisfy those who like a challenge.

We’ll share more about this upcoming update as we get closer to release, currently scheduled for the end of October/early November.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to welcome your feedback and bug reports as always. For that, make sure to join us on Discord where we have dedicated forums for both! And if you wanna be the first to know about the upcoming content update, make sure to follow us on social media too:

Happy fishing, Anglers!

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