Patch 1.3.2 is Live!

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Patch 1.3.2 is live across all platforms! We've tackled several issues with challenges, user interface, and stability reported by our community. Read the notes below for more info.


  • Tracking of Daily and Weekly challenges should now work as intended.

  • The issue surrounding certain challenges not showing images for the fish species they feature has now been addressed.


  • Shopkeeper Fishing Missions will now track correctly toward the trophy/achievement “Taylor Made”.


  • The game will no longer display an image and details of the previously equipped item instead of the current one in the rod builder menu while changing rod attachments.

  • We’ve fixed an issue with navigating through all baits or lures in the attachment section of the Rod Assembly screen.

  • Button prompts now update correctly when switching between the Backpack, Journal, and Rods menus.


  • We’ve addressed an occasionally occurring multiplayer issue where players would encounter a bright flash as a nearby player took out their rod.

  • The stutter seen when continuously pumping to pull fish in during the "Secure Catch" phase has been addressed.

  • We’ve fixed issues with multiple waterbodies not appearing correctly in the Golden Ridge Reserve.

    • Dev Team’s Notes: You can now catch fish in the affected waterbodies again, so don’t forget to bring some extra bait!


  • The Ruby River Range Gold Fishing Challenge has been updated to ensure that the fishing location correctly spawns a Gold Rank Green Sunfish.


  • We’ve fixed an issue caused by quitting the game during “Taylor's Tackle Academy: Expert Class”. It will no longer result in a progression blocker upon relaunching the game.


  • A selection of fast travel issues in Norway have been resolved to improve game stability.

  • Multiple optimizations, memory savings, and fixes have been deployed to improve general game stability across all platforms.

    • Dev Team’s Notes: Players on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One should notice the biggest improvements.

We hope that the fixes included in Patch 1.3.2 will improve your experience with our game. Thank you so much for all your reports, feedback, and support - especially during the console release! To stay updated with the latest news, updates, and developments make sure to check out The Angler Community Tracker, sign up for our newsletter, or follow our social media channels.

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