Patch 1.2.3 is Live!

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Release Notes

We’re kicking off February with patch 1.2.3! This update delivers improvements for vehicle collisions, character customization, Scavenger Hunt missions, multiplayer, and casting behavior. It also addresses a number of visuals, gameplay, progression, UI, and multiplayer bugs. Check out the details below!


  • We introduced a series of improvements to address the way vehicle collisions react with in-world objects, allowing players to glance off of things easier. 

    • Dev Team’s Notes: Due to the rugged nature of the terrain in our open words, it was all too easy to end up snagging on an object. We’ve revised how collisions work and made them much more forgiving (and enjoyable!).

  • We gave the character customization feature a makeover to fix several issues and improve your overall experience.

    • Dev Team’s Notes: It's now possible to rotate your character, either by dragging them with your mouse or using the right analog stick. Switching between character body types no longer causes visual artifacts. And most importantly, we've re-ordered the customization list, from head to toe (quite literally).

  • The Scavenger Hunt mission flow has been given a polished. Now you’ll be taken directly to the Journal to see the clues for the next step.

    • Dev Team’s Notes: The Scavenger Hunts introduced in Trollsporet Nature Reserve required you to manually open up your journal and find the mission to view the next clue. The automated flow now skips this entirely.

  • Multiplayer sessions have been optimized! Now it will take less time for all players to show up in the game.

    • Dev Team’s Notes: Before the patch, it would take a few minutes for all players to show up in the game when joining a full session, and we really did not want to keep you waiting for so long to start your fishing adventures with your friends. We significantly shortened that time so you will be able to see other players in the session moments after joining.

  • The casting behavior has been adjusted, allowing for greater control over the range of your cast based on the speed and timing of your inputs.

    • Dev Team’s Notes: You should be able to place your cast better than before on both pad and mouse. However, if it is not to your liking, you can always check out the Accessible Cast option via the Settings menu if you would prefer to use a traditional power bar to affect casting distance.

Bug Fixes


  • Torbjørn's eyes between the time of 6-7 AM would glow bright yellow. Torbjørn has since visited the optician and had the necessary treatment.

  • The clue for the second part of the Huldraskogen Scavenger Hunt was partially clipping into a wall. This item has now been repositioned to a safe space.

  • In specific locations across Golden Ridge Reserve, the waves and foam on the water weren't working as intended. This now has been fixed.

  • Resolved a problem that saw the player's rod remain present on screen when interacting with the shop or lookout towers.

  • Changing from Low to Medium graphics preset would turn the rod & player invisible locally. This issue no longer occurs.


  • It is no longer possible to collide with other vehicles when ghosted.

  • We have adjusted the boat being docked on land at the Northern Båtutleie (Boat Hire) location at Stallojavri lake in Trollsporet Nature Reserve.

  • The missing collision on the Huldra statue and a selection of rocks in Trollsporet Nature Reserve has been fixed.


  • Waypoint markers would now reappear correctly in Trollsporet Nature Reserve Fishing Challenges after fast traveling or reloading into the reserve. 

  • The arrows for rotating your character in customization when using a mouse now highlight and rotate the character as intended.

  • The volume sliders now immediately adjust the audio levels rather than only after accepting the changes, making it much easier to set the right volume balance.


  • Fishing Mission Challenge 13 has been fixed so that fish now spawn in the correct area, unblocking progress for this mission. 

  • It was possible to catch the wrong fish and successfully progress a number of the fishing challenges in Trollsporet Nature Reserve. This issue has been resolved.


  • Player’s floats in multiplayer now correctly sit on the water's surface in all scenarios.

And in case you were wondering, 1.2.2 didn’t fall into the void - it was a smaller hotfix that didn’t need a dedicated article on the website, so make sure you’re following us on socials to stay informed of smaller news bites just like that one! We can’t wait to share the exciting details about the next big update with you. ;)

As always, we would love to hear your feedback. Let us know what you think by joining our Discord server (good company guaranteed!) or interacting with us on social media.

Happy fishing, Anglers!

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