Patch 1.2.1 is Live!

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Release Notes

Diamond fish are no longer as elusive, and objects previously missing collisions and key missions with progression issues have been addressed. Also, the players with motion sickness should find driving around much more comfortable after installing this update. Read below for the full breakdown.


  • The frequency of Diamond Fish spawning in the Norway Reserve has been improved. The Golden Ridge Reserve Diamond spawn rates have also been balanced out.

    • Dev Team’s Notes: Looking at the data and hearing from the Community we realized that Diamonds ended up being much harder to catch in both Norway and Golden Ridge Reserve. We've updated the numbers on both maps and made some fixes to make all spawn rates more consistent. We will continue to closely monitor our analytics and your feedback to ensure that all fish spawn rates are balanced well in the future.

  • A small number of objects within the Norway Reserve were missing collisions. These have now been resolved.

    • Dev Team’s Notes: A couple of objects slipped through the net, but we've caught them all now and that includes fixing up one of the collectibles that had fallen through a rock.

  • The main narrative mission in Norway had reports of not progressing correctly. The step to 'Find the Rod' saw the key not always spawning after burning the coal. This issue has now been fixed.

    • Dev Team’s Notes: There was a small chance based upon previous actions for the key not to spawn as intended on the first chapter of the Norway Narrative mission which had blocked a few players. We've been able to isolate the problem and make sure that even if you got stuck there, now you'll be able to go back and progress.

  • Vehicle cameras have been improved to reduce motion sickness by blending the movement of the camera between the vehicle and the horizon.

    • Dev Team’s Notes: Players who previously suffered from motion sickness should now feel much more comfortable traversing the rough terrain and choppy waters. We've tested this change with members of the team who previously got affected while driving the 4x4. They confirmed that they no longer feel ill when going on a ride around Golden Ridge and Trollsporet! (No developers were harmed while testing this patch!)

Bug Fixes


  • The Daily Challenge asking players to catch 6 Asp of any rank in Norway wasn't tracking as intended, leaving players unable to fulfill the requirements. This is now working as intended.


  • A specific location within Norway saw water being cut short, leaving part of the water body missing. This has now been resolved.

We’re looking forward to hearing what you think about the changes, so please keep your feedback coming! Join our Discord server to share your thoughts directly with developers, and don’t forget to follow us on social media to never miss any upcoming news about The Angler (psst, we have more exciting things to talk about in the future).

Happy fishing, Anglers!

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