Norway Reserve DLC & Legends Update - Out Now

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BY Expansive Worlds

Our first new reserve DLC is out - welcome to Norway!

With a new magnificent location to explore, 13 new fish species to catch, 67 new missions to tackle, and many more surprises to discover, this new reserve promises to keep you hooked.

What’s more, we’re making Norway free to redeem till January 5th. This should give enough time for all players - veteran anglers or newcomers - to claim this new reserve and add it next to Golden Ridge Reserve in their collection of awesome angling locales.

Get the Norway Reserve for free on Steam, Epic Games Store, or Microsoft Store now!

Become Legends

Alongside the Norway Reserve DLC, we’re releasing a new major game update today - Legends. Building upon The Challenger Update, Legends addresses a number of bug fixes and introduces a brand new rarity tier for fish, an emote system, and many more improvements directly inspired by our community’s feedback. Let’s discover them all!

Features & Quality of Life Improvements

  • Legendary Fish have been added to Golden Ridge Reserve! See if you can find and catch the elusive Legendaries.

    • Dev Team’s Notes: There are three unique legendary fish: Big Larry the Catfish, Sidewinder the Lake Trout, and Goldstein the Largemouth Bass.

  • Emotes are now available from the Quick Menu to communicate and show off with.

    • Dev Team’s Notes: There are six emotes coming with Legends: Hello, Thanks, Jumping Jack, Council Pop, Chest Beat, and Cheeky Wine.

  • New Achievements have been added to recognize your feats and efforts in the new Norway Reserve.

    • Dev Team’s Notes: There are five new achievements to exclusively unlock in Trollsporet Naturreservat.

  • The Norway Reserve is free to own forever if you add it to your account before January 5th, 2023. However, in case you missed it, know that you’ll still be able to join your friends in Trollsporet if they own it.

    • Dev Team’s Notes: Spending time with friends is one of the best parts of The Angler, so we’ve made sure Norway wouldn’t reduce your ability to fish with buddies.

  • New Daily & Weekly Challenges have been added for the Norway Reserve.

    • Dev Team’s Notes: Trollsporet will have its own selection of challenges, allowing you to score even more XP by playing in both reserves.

  • Lure physics have been greatly improved, orienting correctly as you reel in.

    • Dev Team’s Notes: Lures weren’t moving as we intended, so we’ve globally updated their behavior to improve the lure presentation across the board.

  • Additional catch information is now captured on the Catch Reward screen, with the duration of the fight and your account name.

    • Dev Team’s Notes: We’ve noticed some of our players are a little competitive, so we’ve added more details to help facilitate comparing scores.

  • A 24-hour clock has been added to the map, displaying the time of day or night.

    • Dev Team’s Notes: The time of day affects the activity of different fish species, so armed with your clock, you’ll be able to better target specific fish.

  • The flashlight can now be manually toggled on and off via the Quick Menu at any time of day.

    • Dev Team’s Notes: Previously, the flashlight was automatically switched on and off at fixed times of the day. This update puts you in control. Just be aware it won’t be highly visible during the day.

  • A new glowing float has been added for fishing at night. That way you can clearly see it, even in pitch-black conditions.

  • Imagery has been added to the Game Guide to improve the clarity of the information present in it.

    • Dev Team’s Notes: The Game Guide within the Journal has had pictures added to make it easier to understand what the tutorials are referring to.

  • The save system has been further improved, with auto backup and restore functionality to handle any save corruption.

    • Dev Team’s Notes: Your progress is important, so we’ve put in additional systems to ensure its integrity remains in check.

Patch Notes


  • The option to rebind the reeling input has been restored.

    • Dev Team’s Notes: We’d like to welcome all the players who use a reversed trigger layout back to the game!

  • The gamepad binding prompt for “Reeling Faster” has been updated in the tutorial.

  • The tension meter has had the small vertical lines at the top and bottom of the gauge removed.

  • Lure and bait preferences that were cropped within the Handbook have been fixed.

  • If the player runs out of money in the shop, items will now update correctly to inform them that they cannot be afforded.

  • Fixed an issue that would allow players to attach the same tackle to two tackles equipped to two identical rods.

  • Issues when navigating the Apex Connect Menus with the controller have been fixed.

  • Traits in the Handbook are no longer displayed incorrectly after swapping quickly between tabs.


  • Resolved an issue where Diamond and Gold ranked fish could spawn in bodies of water where they should not.

  • It’s no longer possible to instantly catch a fish that swims directly below the player. Depth is now factored in correctly.

  • The Largemouth Bass compatible baits have been updated.

  • Using the Quick Menu on the boat to switch rods no longer puts you back in the seat.

  • Resolved the problem of switching camera perspectives when interacting with the shop or vehicle spawners after catching a fish.

  • Updates have been made to the classic tackle pack rods and reels to correct their stats.

  • The strike notification whilst luring was sometimes too short to react to. This no longer happens.

  • The Channel Catfish can now keep up with the reeling speeds of 2 or higher.


  • Improved the behavior of the float during the casting sequence. 

  • The issue with the day/night cycle occasionally switching and transitioning to the wrong time of day has been resolved.

  • Specular issues with the wetness volumes on underwater surfaces in the Emerald Lake region have been fixed.

  • Clayton has had his annual visit to the dentist to have his teeth cleaned up.

  • Water Buoys are once again floating.

  • The waterwheel on the wheelhouse at the Watermill location now spins the right way and has had the intersecting post removed.


  • Improvements have been made to the replication of other players’ rod bending during fish fights.


  • Dialogue no longer continues to play if you exit to the Main Menu whilst it’s playing.

  • We’ve reduced the proximity of remote player fishing audio, so you only hear players when you’re closer to them.

And that’s Legends! We hope you’ll have a blast discovering Norway and all these new additions and improvements we’ve brought to the game with this latest update.

If you’d like to share your thoughts and feedback on the Norway Reserve, Legends, or The Angler in general with us, make sure to join our Discord server now. It’s a cool place to hang out with fellow players and discuss the game.

And don’t forget! The Norway Reserve is free to claim and own forever till January 5th, 2023. So make sure to head to Steam, Epic Games Store, or Microsoft Store now to get it.

Happy fishing!

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