New Norway Reserve Coming December 15!

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Explore a Scandinavian Paradise

The Angler’s second reserve is coming. Pack your gear and put on some warm clothes, we’re heading to Norway!

Trollsporet: A gorgeous new setting

The Norway Reserve, or Trollsporet as the locals call it, is 20 square miles (52 square kilometers) and features three distinct biomes: Nøkkensjøen, Huldraskogen, and Fossegrimfjorden. Full of opportunities for exploration, you’ll find idyllic villages, hidden paths to secret fishing spots, and astonishing views from the tops of its towering mountains. As a perk of the region, you’ll also get to enjoy the midnight sun and the Northern Lights as you explore the wilderness.

The friends we make along the (Nor)way

When you first arrive in Trollsporet, you’ll meet our new Warden and shopkeeper, Astrid and Torbjørn. Astrid can be quite reserved, but if you get her to tell you a story, you might just catch a glimpse of her more whimsical side. Torbjørn, on the other hand, will break out the small talk when you visit his shop looking for new gear to buy. Together, Astrid and Torbjørn make a lovely couple and formidable team that you’ll get to know well during your time at the reserve.

Want Fish? We’ve Got Fish!

In addition to offering a brand new setting to explore, the Norway Reserve features 13 species of fish that are new to The Angler. Set out on a quest to land a huge catch like an Atlantic Salmon or Zander, or go for smaller species like a Roach or Chub. You’ll find all shapes and sizes of fish in these Norwegian waters, including the Brown Bullhead Catfish, Burbot, and European Perch. With the Northern Pike included from our Golden Ridge Reserve, there are a total of 14 species of fish to catch in Trollsporet.

Activities Aplenty

To keep you busy between casts, we’ve included 67 new missions made up of Daily and Weekly Challenges, Geocache missions, Scavenger hunts, and one Narrative mission. You’ll discover unique points of interest, find tucked away collectibles, and perhaps even Troll Rocks. Astrid and Torbjørn will be more than happy to call in some favors if you’re willing to lend a hand.

An Opportunity To Say Thank You

The Angler has grown and evolved tremendously over the past few months. Thanks to the community’s feedback and support, we’ve been able to bring the changes and improvements players wanted to see in our game. Therefore, we believe it’s only fair we share our thanks with you all - by making Norway free to redeem till January 5th. This should give enough time for all players - veteran anglers or newcomers - to redeem this new reserve and have a blast discovering it. We hope you’ll appreciate it as much as we appreciate having you around!

Release Date

Excited to join us in Norway? Fret not, the wait won’t be long! The new reserve is coming on December 15th.

We’re looking forward to seeing you all in the Norway Reserve! In the meantime, make sure to join us on Discord where you can share your ideas for The Angler with the dev team, and don’t forget to grab our latest free DLC - the Wilderness Cosmetic Pack.

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