The Challenger Update - Coming October 31st

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BY Expansive Worlds

Hello, Anglers!

Releasing on October 31st on all PC platforms, “The Challenger Update” is the first big game update for the game. Inspired by your feedback, this free update brings new features and improvements to visuals, gameplay, and multiplayer. Let’s take a look!

Key Features

  • Daily & Weekly Challenges: Put your skills to the test and earn XP by completing periodical challenges. Bragging rights included!

  • Local Souvenirs Shop: This new shop is full of unique and quirky equipment, gear, items, and cosmetic accessories specific to Golden Ridge Reserve.

  • Activity Feed: Who caught that massive fish? With the activity feed, you’ll be able to stay up to date with the latest happening in your multiplayer session.

  • News Feed: Receive the latest news in-game directly from the development team!

Key Game Improvements

  • Improved transitions between water bodies and improved water tessellation.

  • AMD FidelityFX Stochastic Screen Space Reflections (SSSR) added for improved reflections on water surfaces.

  • Support added for DUALSHOCK®4 Wireless Controller and DualSense™ Wireless Controller.

  • The Apex Connect menus have been overhauled to improve the usability of joining friends, adding friends, and managing friend requests.

  • Boats now accurately react to waves, bobbing and rocking with the motion of the water. What’s more, water no longer clips through boats.

  • The animation of the fish is now more accurate to reflect the speed of movement.

  • The verlet system for fishing line rendering has been revised to provide more accurate states between taught and slack.

  • Taylor's Tackles Store pricing has been refreshed in-line with updated XP earnings for a better sense of progression and clearer differentiation of value between items.

The full patch notes will be shared soon.

Happy fishing!

Having issues? Please reach out to our support team.

Enjoying the game? We’d love to hear from you on Steam!

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