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BY Nathanael van den Berg

With legendary fish being one of the newest additions to The Angler, we wanted to tell you a little more about how they work from a gameplay perspective.

The legendary fish have been set loose on Golden Ridge Reserve for almost a week now! A number of you have already caught one of these fish, but for those who don’t already know about them, I thought I’d give a rundown. 

As “legendary” suggests, these are rather special fish, and getting them on your hook is not going to be quite as easy as it would be for their regular counterparts.

One out of Three

A new legendary will appear every week, but finding which one it is - and where it’s hiding - is part of the fun!

You will have an entire week to catch the fish, and a new legendary will rotate in to take its place the next week - regardless of whether or not you’ve caught it. This also means that if you catch it on the first day of the week, you will have to wait for the next one. 

Learn to Lure Them

Each of the legendary fish will be hiding somewhere around the reserve! Exactly where is up to you to find out, though if you’re in the know about the species you should be able to guess where to get started.

Finding these big fish isn’t going to be as easy as simply finding their location, however! These fish haven’t grown big by just biting every hook they can get in their mouths; after all, they need to be lured out in a specific way! 

There are clues to find, and looking at the community - some of them have already been found.

The Best Tools for the Job

A legendary gets that status because it is massive, long-lived, and has a reputation. These legendaries will put up a fight once they’re on the business end of your tackle, so I just want to give you some recommendations of gear that we found gave us the best fights we’ve had in The Angler so far. Alternatively, if you’d like to figure this out for yourself, consider the following to be a spoiler. 

Goldstein, the Largemouth Bass

Largemouth Bass are fierce fighters, even when they are not the biggest fish. Goldstein not only lives up to those expectations, they set a new standard. My recommendation would be:

  • Spira baitcaster rod

  • Director Baitcaster Reel

  • 15kg line

I’ll leave the type of line and lure for you to figure out. I wouldn’t want to make it too easy!

Goldstein the legendary fish.

Big Larry, the Channel Catfish

Catfish aren’t known to be strong for their size, per se, but big Larry… well, let’s just say Big Larry lives up to his name. If he has anything, it’s size. For Big Larry I would recommend some of the new gear we’ve introduced:

  • Devil’s Advocate spinning rod

  • Pure Champion spinning Reel

  • 15kg line

Big Larry the legendary fish.

Sidewinder, the Lake Trout

Now, if you’re looking to find the limits of your gear - Sidewinder will happily oblige. This one is a real fighter, and you need to come prepared. For this fight I’d recommend the strongest of the new gear we’ve introduced:

  • Grauheiger X baitcaster rod

  • True Mediator baitcaster reel

  • 45kg line

Sidewinder the legendary fish.

The Hunt is On

Can you find these legendary fish? Will you share your insights with other Anglers, or keep your discoveries to yourself? I’m curious to see your reactions and how you like the fights these fish give you - and of course, we want to evolve this feature based on your feedback! 

That being said: Goldstein is just the start, a small taste of what’s to come.

About the Author

An image of Nathanael van den Berg, Technical Designer for Call of the Wild: The Angler having successfully caught a fish on a boat.

Nathanael van den Berg

From playing them as a child to making them as an adult, Nathan has always loved video games. When they’re not living and breathing games in some form or another, they find joy in quiet relaxation, cooking, running, and cycling.

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