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Made to connect with and support incredible creators, our goal is to help each of you on a more personal level. You’ll connect with the developers and fellow creators, gain exclusive early access to unreleased content and resources, and open the door to tens of thousands of passionate community members.

How does it work?

Good question! Below you will find the program requirements, so make sure to give it a proper read, but this is just the first step! Once we’ve received your completed submission of interest, our team will take the time to observe your interactions within the community, past and present, and your content to determine if you have what it takes to become a bonafide ambassador!

Base Consideration Requirements

  • An approachable and professional attitude toward all peers and members of the public 

  • Adhere to and uphold owned and shared Community Guidelines and Policies, and be in good standing with the larger community

  • Must not make use of or advertise Mods/Hacks/Trading

Serious business note: Expansive Worlds will not tolerate squabbles and public displays of taunting or bullying of its staff, community members, or other creators, directly or indirectly. Any evidence of this, inside or outside of the official Discord or social media channels, will lead to the termination of participation in this program. The execution of this result will be conducted at the discretion of the Expansive Worlds staff, and all decisions made are final.

Program Tiers

The Community Creator Program is broken down into two levels: Affiliate and Partner.

All accepted Creators will need to complete a Non-Disclosure Agreement before participating in any privileged channels or activities.

Affiliate Status

Whether you create part-time as a serious hobby or are on a full-time journey toward world Influencer domination, you’re a savvy creator who knows how to produce fun, quality content. You also hold a very special place in your heart for Expansive Worlds’ games and the communities they bring together.


Please refer to the Base Consideration Requirements above. Additionally:

  • 15+ hours streamed per month

  • 500+ Followers

  • 1000+ subs

  • Regular VOD uploads

  • A potential audience reach of over 40K community members

  • Access to assets

  • Collab opportunities

  • Studio contact

Partner Status

You are the cream of the crop as you have risen to the top! You are indeed a model example of etiquette, engagement, and enthusiasm among the community, your peers, and other creators!


On top of the Base Consideration Requirements, you must be part of the Affiliate program for a minimum of 90 days. Your content must also demonstrate a high level of professionalism and polish.

  • 15+ hours streamed per month

  • Sustain 2000+ amount of Hours Watched per month

  • 4000+ Followers

  • 5000+ Subscribers / Followers

  • 1000+ daily average views

  • Regular video uploads

  • All of the Affiliate Status perks listed above, plus

  • VIP support

  • Behind-the-scenes insights

  • Early access opportunities

  • Promotional boosting and sharing

  • Invitations to join Expansive Worlds streams

  • Exclusive assets

Maintaining your partnership status: All of the requirements must continue to be met if you wish to maintain your tier recognition. All active members of this program are reviewed regularly by our Community and PR teams. We understand - we’re all human, and real life happens! If you plan on taking a break or need to pause your activities for whatever reason, please reach out to an Expansive Worlds Community Manager.

We can't wait to hear from you!

Fill out the Community Creator application form today.

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