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Available now on PC and console, this stunning new reserve has everything an angler could wish for, including 13 new fish species to find and catch.


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Find and catch 16 fish species

SA Fish

South Africa's beautiful waterways are home to 16 unique species, including 13 all-new discoveries like the African Sharptooth Catfish, African Mottled Eel, and Spotted Bass. Go catch these new species, adjust your technique based on their habits and characteristics, and feel the thrill of the fight as your skills are put to the test.

Master new missions at Fishing Hubs

SA Hubs

Complete missions and hone your skills at the newly introduced Fishing Hubs. Exclusive to South Africa, Fishing Hubs present a new way to improve your fishing techniques. Visit each Hub, tackle their individual missions, and earn exclusive rewards inspired by the reserve itself. 

Invite a friend who owns the base game to join you for free

SA friends

Fishing is more fun with friends. When you purchase South Africa, not only can you invite a friend who owns the base game to join you for free, but this offer also extends to our other reserves too!

Discover South Africa

SA Dino Park

Experience the breathtaking natural beauty of South Africa as you discover stunning landmarks, explore the prehistoric Dino Park, or navigate through mighty canyons and vast savannahs. All while discovering picturesque fishing spots, peaceful vistas, and learning more about South Africa.



Upgrades to Float Behaviour - Goodbye stationary floats! Floats and lures are going with the flow now, literally! 

  • Dev Team’s Note:  The currents in our rivers and lakes play an even bigger role in fishing now. From the movement of your floats and lures to your casting location choice, you'll need to keep an eye on the water. So, get ready to embrace the flow!

Customisation UI Overhaul - Say farewell to boring text lists. Welcome to a whole new way to check out your gear! We're bringing in a more visual, icon-based customization menu for you to browse better.

  • Dev Team’s Note: Our ever-growing collection of avatar cosmetics needed a new home, and that's exactly what this new tile-based menu is. Now, all your goodies are displayed in full view, making switching styles as easy as a click, without the endless scrolling!

4x4 Storage Upgrade - From now on, your road vehicles double as your traveling inventory. No more detours to the shop, switch up your gear right from your 4x4!

  • Dev Team’s Note: We’ve heard your feedback and understood that back-and-forth trips to the shop were quite a hassle. So now, whether you want to access storage or swap reserves just head to your trusty 4x4.

Fast Travel to 4x4 - Navigating the reserves has just become a breeze! With this update, you can fast travel right to your spawned 4x4 within a reserve at your whim. 

  • Dev Team’s Note: Have you wandered off too far from your car in pursuit of a collectible or a nice view but don’t fancy a walk back? Just select your 4x4 from your map screen, and whoosh, problem solved!

Content Browser Addition - Now, straight from the main menu, you can effortlessly browse through the game's selection of downloadable content!

  • Dev Team’s Note: As we keep adding more exciting content to the game, we want to ensure that discovering and accessing it all is as simple as can be. Enjoy browsing!



  • We’ve fixed an issue where the bail arm would automatically close during the usage of a lure or jighead spinning rig, blocking the player's bait from sinking.

  • Fish will no longer spin erratically on the line when reaching the Secure Catch stage.

  • We’ve addressed an issue with incorrectly placed boats when docking at specific jetties in Norway.


  • Swapping between the spinner rod and float rod will no longer cause the rods to clip through the player’s hands.

  • We’ve fixed an issue where boats could sometimes be found floating above terrain on the Spain Reserve.

  • The peaks of waves caused by small waterfalls are now correctly moving on the water's surface.


  • Players can now mouse click through the intro video to skip it instead of pressing Enter.


  • We’ve fixed an issue where the audio from a remote player's boat continues for the local player, even after the remote player has exited their boat or left the reserve.



Chat and make friends, participate in weekly competitions, discover helpful resources, and celebrate your most impressive catches with us! Just remember to read the #faq and pick your #roles as soon as you join.


Creators; explore South Africa and earn some sweet rewards! Our latest creator campaign is live now on Dare Drop, featuring exciting challenges to tackle for anglers of all levels. 

What are you waiting for? Check out the event details here!


Join us today, Tuesday, March 26th at 5 PM CET / 12 PM EDT for the Tackle Box live stream with special guests from Stockholm and Liverpool. You’ll be able to catch the stream on both Twitch and YouTube.

We look forward to seeing you in the South Africa Reserve!

Loving the game? Let us know via Steam or Xbox review.

Having issues?  We’re here to help! Head to our Support Portal to submit a report.

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