02 September, 2022

Hotfix 1.01 is Live!

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BY Expansive Worlds

Hotfix 1.01 is live!

This update addresses a number of technical issues and brings further improvements to the game’s performance. You can read the detailed list below.


  • The spawn frequency of gold and diamond rank fishes in the same area has been reduced.

  • Reeling speed animations during fish fights have been updated.

  • Improved fishing logic and fish species parameters, including small adjustments to bait behavior.


  • The player’s avatar and rod now display correctly when TAA is disabled.

  • Fixed the “outline/highlight” visual glitch found on some AMD graphics cards.

  • Updated the reward pose so the player’s avatar now holds the rainbow trout more accurately.

  • Improved the float’s visibility.

  • Adjusted the angle and intensity of the torch to improve visibility at night.


  • Updated the early adopter items’ thumbnails.

  • Updated the leveling pop-up message to match the player’s level displayed in the menu.

  • Fixed an issue where the leveling up message would display the same level multiple times when going up several levels at once.

  • Fixed an issue causing the undiscovered location icon to remain stuck after fast traveling.

  • Fixed an issue causing the player's avatar to desynchronize in multiplayer.

  • The mouse cursor no longer overrides the navigation of menus when using a keyboard or a gamepad.

  • Fixed the display of imperial metrics when imperial measurements are selected.

  • It’s no longer possible to get soft-locked when opening the map while attempting to access the store or the vehicle spawner.


  • The spin fishing tutorial can now be accessed from the notice board.


  • Fixed an issue that would cause the audio engine to stop working after the 4x4 respawns from driving in deep water.

Stability & Performance

  • General Stability Improvements.

  • Fixed a rare crash caused by the 4x4 traversing water.

  • Fixed a rare crash caused by the fishing line not rendering properly.

  • Added better tracking for GPU-related issues.

If you encounter a bug, make sure to report it here.

Happy fishing, Anglers!

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