Patch 1.1.3 is Live!

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BY Expansive Worlds

Patch 1.1.3 is live!

Thanks again for all your feedback and suggestions! Patch 1.1.3 is now live and it packs some of the most community-awaited improvements yet. Let’s dive in!

Main Features & Quality of Life Improvements

  • We’ve added the option to toggle on or off the Strike UI during the biting phase.

    • Dev Team’s Notes: There are two separate options that reside within the Accessibility Menu, which allow you to change the audio and visual cues independently. In the near future, we’re also planning to do more to further improve this phase of gameplay - including improvements to the float and line behavior on the water.

  • A new Focus on Float feature has been added, allowing players to zoom in on the float during fishing.

    • Dev Team’s Notes: You can toggle the zoom as soon as you’ve cast.

  • We’ve updated how fish react when the bait, float, or lure hits the water. The radius of effect has been reduced and there’s now a probability rather than a certainty of fish getting spooked.

    • Dev Team’s Notes: The new spooking behavior was found to be too aggressive and binary. Therefore, we’ve reacted to make it less pronounced and frequent - making it feel more natural and believable.

  • Quick Chat has been added to the Quick Menu, allowing players to communicate with each other in multiplayer sessions.

    • Dev Team’s Notes: There’s a total of 35 messages available, split into 7 distinct categories. They range from simple greetings to reactions and responses. What’s more, they’ll be automatically translated depending on your game’s selected language.

  • The Epic Game Store version of the game has been updated to support the achievements system.

    • Dev Team’s Notes: EGS players rejoice! You can expect all your previously unlocked achievements to unlock during the boot sequence the next time you launch the game.

  • We’ve calmed the water by reducing the average strength of the wind and waves. It should better reflect the idyllic fishing conditions found on a perfect Golden Ridge summer day.

    • Dev Team’s Notes: Not only will this reduce visual noise on the surface, it will also make it much easier to read the behavior of the float on the water surface.

  • The issue with fishing lines not going through the rod’s eyelets has been resolved.

    • Dev Team’s Notes: The fishing line now is not only positioned accurately within the eyelets, but the line now actually moves within the eyelets when reeling.

Patch Notes


  • The visual inaccuracies of the Mountain Whitefish and the Lake Trout in the menus have been resolved.

  • The erroneous “Trapezium Sandy Desert” short-sleeve top that appeared as a duplicate has been resolved.

  • The player’s hair and hat now cast accurate shadows.

  • The baitcasting pose and corresponding animations have been updated to more accurately hold and use the baitcasting rods.

  • Boats no longer become “ghosted” when two or more are docked at the same jetty.

  • An issue with SSSR causing unintended vertical transitions on the water has now been resolved.


  • In multiplayer, the boat ignition audio can now be heard as intended from other players’ boats.


  • In multiplayer, the player’s orientation while fishing is now tracked accurately.

Patch 1.1.3 marks an important milestone in our journey to act on community feedback. Since launch, many players shared with us their desire to see their immersion and fishing experience improved in The Angler, so we’re incredibly happy to finally be able to share what we’ve been working on to answer some of those requests. Of course, we’re not stopping here, so expect more from us soon.

In the meantime, keep on sharing what you love and what you’d like to see improved in The Angler with us!

Happy fishing, anglers!

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