Mountain Range Pack and Patch 1.6.7 Is Now Live

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BY Expansive Worlds

Channel your inner cowboy with gear and cosmetics inspired by life on the range and check out the new quality of life updates and features in the latest patch.


Channel your inner cowboy with gear and cosmetics inspired by life on the range. The Mountain Range Pack includes more than 40 unique new items consisting of apparel, fishing gear, vehicle and boat skins, and an emote.

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With Multiple Fish Baiting, more than one fish will attempt to bite your bait, making for a more realistic fishing experience.

When choosing a reserve, you will have access to the Time of Day Selection menu. You can select between Any, Morning, Daytime, Evening or Night.

  • Dev Team’s Note: When playing Online and you select a time of day they would like to play at, the game will do its best to place you at the selected time. If there are no slots available at the selected time then it will place you at the closest previous time slot available.
    Example: If you select night time but there are no servers available, you should be placed into the closest slot available which should be Evening.
    When Playing offline you will always be placed into your selected time of day. 

The Fish Viewer Screen in the Handbook has been updated to allow you to look at our amazing fish models in full 3D! 

  • Dev Team’s Note: If you go to the handbook, you can now use your mouse or controller to rotate the fish models.

We’ve updated the Norway Reserve to provide a more authentic experience for players. But why tell you about it when we can show it to you! Check out the difference below.


  • PS4/PS5 online multiplayer setting ON/OFF now correctly saves state after rebooting the game

  • You will now see a message in the top right of the screen when your game is syncing Time of Day to the server

  • You will now see a status of online/offline in the top right of the screen to indicate your multiplayer status.

  • Fixed a crash where the game would occasionally crash when you take out your rod after being respawned in a 'safe' location

  • Many more bug fixes and quality of life updates have also been added.

Happy fishing!

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