27 September, 2022

Known Issues List

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BY Expansive Worlds

With the release of Hotfix 1.03 and 1.04 in quick succession last week, we rolled out a series of improvements to the multiplayer experience, the water’s visual quality, fish behavior, and much more! These patches also continued our efforts to fix the remaining technical issues present in the game in order to offer our players a smoother journey in Golden Ridge Reserve.

Version 1.04

Last Updated: September 26, 2022

As we work on the next patch, we’ve updated our list of Known Issues. Make sure to check it out if you encounter a glitch and want to report it - we might already be working on a solution!


  • Players attempting to boot the game with below minimum spec hardware or software sometimes receive an inaccurate warning message or no message at all.

    • Dev Team’s Notes: Please make sure to check our minimum and recommended specs before getting the game. A large portion of crash reports we’re currently receiving in the community relates to players attempting to launch the game on unsupported CPUs/GPUs. Of course, we’ll always try to further improve our optimization of the game where we can, but fixes for unsupported hardware cannot take priority over improvements for players meeting requirements.

  • Map icons don’t perfectly move in sync when panning over the reserve map.

  • The handbook displays a limited amount of compatible baits and lures for each fish species, instead of showing the primary ones.

  • Specific items can get stuck in the player’s inventory (Cria Reel).

  • When unsupported characters are used in players’ names, they appear blank in-game (on the map and during gameplay).

  • Mission waypoints may not always reappear if the game was closed in the middle of a mission.

  • The “Golden Tour” mission may be re-tracked after you’ve fast-traveled or re-entered the reserve.

  • Upon receiving XP, the amount awarded is shown but the supporting icon is missing.

  • The tooltip (check journal with J) can remain stuck on the screen.


  • When viewed from specific angles (mainly from an elevated position), water may show some inaccurate reflections.

  • Flickering can appear on the water surface under specific circumstances.

  • Line artifacts can appear on the water surface under specific circumstances.

  • Animations for reeling speeds 1 and 2 appear to be too slow.

  • Float movement currently doesn’t match wave movement as accurately as desired.

  • The water’s appearance can sometimes differ from its actual physical movement.

  • Changes to some graphics and video settings during gameplay may not apply.

    • Dev Team’s Notes: Restarting the game will make sure all your settings are correctly applied.

  • When watching a watch tower sequence, you may see a secondary and unintentional camera fade at the end.

  • On rare occasions, some objects may appear to float, clip, or not properly align with the ground as you explore the open world.

  • On rare occasions, some distant parts of the terrain may not render as expected.

  • Specific AMD graphics cards may experience corrupted clouds.


  • Rods can sometimes appear straighter than they should be under high tension levels.

  • The default fishing position on boats is incorrect.


  • Some players may find themselves stuck at 840 Reserve Reputation.

  • The reward for reaching 1000 Reserve Reputation is not unlocking (only possible to reach 990).

  • Optional tutorial missions are all visible at the start of the game. They should instead only appear when progress towards them is made.

  • Lures can sometimes sink incorrectly.


  • Some players are still encountering difficulties joining their friends’ sessions.

  • In multiplayer, other players’ avatars may occasionally be missing an item of clothing or two.

  • In multiplayer, when other players fast-travel, their avatar might not despawn immediately from their previous location as intended.


  • On rare occasions, the vehicle you’re in (boat or 4x4) may lose audio.

    • Dev Team’s Notes: While we’re working on a fix, know that exiting and re-entering the vehicle typically resolves the issue.


  • The remaining stability-related issues are currently being addressed.

    • Dev Team’s Notes: Our goal is to finish tackling the remaining crashes players encounter with Patch 1.05.

  • The game doesn’t launch on Steam Deck.

    • Dev Team’s Notes: The Angler isn’t officially supported on Steam Deck, which can cause unanticipated issues like the one introduced with 1.02. However, we’re currently investigating the possibility of supporting Valve’s handheld in the future!

Our next update, Patch 1.05, is currently planned to release next week. It aims to address the remaining crashes players experience as well as tackle a majority of community-reported bugs. It’ll be our last minor patch until our first Game Update which we’re looking to release by the end of October/early November (we’ll share the date with y’all when we have it).

In the meantime, if you encounter a technical issue or wanna share feedback on the game, make sure to visit our Discord server where we have dedicated channels for both.

Happy fishing, Anglers!

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