25 November, 2022

Known Issues List

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BY Expansive Worlds

A lot has happened on The Angler these past few weeks. From the release of the Challenger Update to Patch 1.1.3, the team has worked to act on your feedback and bring the first of many improvements you want to see added to the game. Of course, our work doesn’t stop here, and we’re planning to keep on rolling out these updates to continuously improve your angling experience.

With this in mind, we’ve updated our list of Known Issues - the bugs and glitches we’re aware of, but haven’t gotten around to tackling just yet. If you encounter technical difficulties while fishing in Golden Ridge Reserve, make sure to check out this list before reporting them. We may already be working on a solution!

Version 1.1.3

Last Updated: November 25, 2022


  • A variety of stability-related issues are known and are being tackled. The most frequently-encountered issues are being worked on in order of priority.


  • In specific circumstances, cars can collide with other cars even when ghosted.

  • Interacting with the shop or vehicle spawners after catching a fish and immediately releasing a fish may change the camera perspective.

  • While spin fishing, it’s possible for the strike window to be too short to react and successfully hook the fish.

  • Fishing and standing back from the edge of a bridge can cause issues with both the line and the float in specific instances.

  • Rods can sometimes appear straighter than they should be under high tension levels.

  • Whenever players change bait or rod when fishing from a boat, they’ll be sat back down and will need to reequip the rod to continue fishing.


  • Occasionally, the time of day can either skip forward or cycle through 24 hours rapidly.

  • On Steam Deck, if the graphics preset has been set to Low within the video options, the player’s hair won’t render.

  • The player’s avatar is not rendered below the water’s surface in the reward sequence.

  • The water caustic effects in the Reserve Population and Latest Catch menus disappear on the fish after entering and exiting the Handbook for the first time.

  • The Spanish Companionship Dollar and the Norwegian Friendship Dollar are using incorrect images in the Handbook.

  • Some lures will incorrectly remain in a vertical position when being reeled in.

  • The player’s hands will partially clip through the Bronze Rank Rainbow Trout in the Catch Screen.

  • Water Buoys no longer float in the water, instead sinking to the water bed.

  • The waterwheel at the Watermill location spins the wrong way. It also has a post intersecting the moving wheel geometry.

  • Float movement currently doesn’t match wave movement as accurately as desired.

  • Changes to some graphics and video settings during gameplay may not apply.

    • Dev Team’s Notes: Restarting the game will make sure all your settings are correctly applied.

  • On rare occasions, some objects may appear to float, clip, or not properly align with the ground as you explore the open world.

  • On rare occasions, some distant parts of the terrain may not render as expected.

  • When driving a vehicle at speed, the vehicle may appear to flicker momentarily.

  • The water’s appearance can sometimes differ from its actual physical movement.

  • Clayton’s teeth have turned black. We’ve already scheduled an appointment with the dentist for him.


  • Navigating the Apex Connect menus with a gamepad can cause minor selection issues.

  • Some of the lure and bait preferences within the Handbook have their text cropped.

  • Navigating the Quick Menu with a gamepad might cause the Quick Chat to be inaccessible.

  • Rods purchased for storage are being counted towards the backpack space instead when purchasing them in the shop.

  • When moving hooks from the Backpack to Storage, the scrollbar goes below the expected position on the panel.

  • The tension meter has a small vertical line at the top and bottom of the circle.

  • Having two identical rods in the Rod Assembly menu may result in the same tackle being attached to both.

  • A scrollbar will appear within the other Apex Connect menus after visiting a full friend’s page. This does not affect functionality.

  • When viewing the map and interacting with a waterbody, it may not always correctly list all of the fish species present there.

  • There is a lack of messaging when launching the game for players with below-minimum spec hardware or software.

  • Traits in the Handbook are sometimes displayed incorrectly after swapping quickly between tabs.


  • In the Customisation menu, the character’s hair appears black or white when wearing a hat.


  • The Big Fish Small Pond achievement doesn’t unlock at Level 50 until the game is restarted.

  • It’s currently not possible to unlock achievements on the Microsoft Store version of the game.


  • In multiplayer, other players’ avatars may occasionally be missing an item of clothing or a body part. This resolves itself over time.

If you encounter a technical issue that’s not listed above or wanna share feedback on the game, make sure to join us on Discord where we have dedicated channels for both.

Happy fishing, Anglers!

Enjoying the game? We'd love to hear from you on Steam! Having issues? Please reach out to our Support Team.

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